Some silly thoughts

My mind sometimes starts wandering and it brings up the conversation hardly someone would hear or would want to hear. Dumb head and stupid heart. They thought they would make it. They would do something impossible but they hardly knew how this is gonna end up. So here I’m reminding me or maybe you.
I didn’t want to add up in the list of girls you dated, but the one who you actually loved. The one you would share your forever and always with. Not the first but the last. The one for you. The only one. All or nothing.
Beautiful Art by @muhammedsalah_


A moment of love

He held my hands and kissed them
A drop of tear accumulated in my eyes
Hard not to let them flow off
After ages it seems I realised
The love he gave away is never wasted
Neither I’m nor my love
Just the form needs to be molded
And I saw bubbles of dozen thoughts bursting
which were built inside my head for so long
Indeed I found peace in his laps,
which daughter won’t
Ready for another battle of the world
Stronger and better than before

Mat kuret inh zakhmon ko k
ye kabhi bharne ka naam hi na le,
Mat laga inhe malam k naam pe zeher
k inko kaat k alag karne k alava
mere pas koi chara hi na bache.

Will you play the part of me?

Will you be able to love me the way I love you,
No matter how many reasons I give you not to.
I wonder if there comes a day when there’s no strength remained in me to hold on, will you be my strength.
What if I’m on the edge of giving up on us, will you still be there to hold on to me.
If it ever happens that you see me drifting and falling in the dark tunnel which is never ending will you catch me before I fall or will you help me walk out of it.
You see me giving up on myself, will you give up on me too.
What if you see me turning pale, depressed and weak will you go through the same pain with me or be there besides me till I overcome them all.
Will you sacrifice your sleep just to see me asleep.
Will you compromise on something that I asked you to because I have been doing this for a while.
And will you help me find my way back to you if you saw me lost, will you show me the way back to home to you.
Will you because I would.
Or will you just leave me there trembling, suffocating and dying.
If ever comes a day,
Temme will you play the part of me?
Will you play the part for me?
Beautiful Art by @fullsnowmoonn