Even though she have the days blacked out
and nights darker, her smile have the power
to light up anyone’s life. Her blindness couldn’t
stop her from the light she spreads.


Love or Hate

We always think we don’t deserve
the one we love for certain reasons.
Maybe we will ruin each other’s lives.
Maybe we will ruin everything we ever had.
Or who knows it might work out just so well.
We mostly see the impossibilities of being
together ignoring all the possibilities we have.
And when everything works out we see how this world,
we live in won’t let us win.
So some of us choose the only way we know,
Hate the one we love.
Just to watch them, the way they would hate us in return.
Because we know we will definitely survive
by this hatred we build day by day on one another.
But we won’t survive watching how
this world would tear us apart knowing
how we love each other perfectly.
P. S. – They say we love by giving love, But they often forget most of us we pretend to hate the one we love, in a hope that we somehow can help them to survive.


Courage that we all need to see beyond the darkness

I saw every single thing falling apart,
darkness taking over and myself dying
inside bit by bit.
Slowly along with the venom that kept on
spreading to every ounce of my body and soul.
Almost a second away from giving up.
I QUIT I thought in my mind.
But that’s when my lender of the
last resort walked in.
COURAGE coated with silver lining.
Almost when I thought everything was over
and nothing left to live for.
I saw how my existence in this world is required.
Because if I wasn’t here,
things wouldn’t have been the same.
Enough to show me a ray of hope.
To fight back with the darkness and
I saw how light defeats darkness.
Piercing darkness slowly and then all at once.


No matter where I go, no matter what I do. You still behold all the love that is left in me. I wonder what it is about you that I cannot find elsewhere. You never did something special to remember, maybe it is all that you didn’t do is what makes me feel, do I even deserve any kind of love ever created in this universe. But maybe the love you gave is an entirely different kinda love and unique in it’s own. That I still search for. Who knows maybe I would search it rest of my life.
P. S.-

I haven’t found my stability ever since I left the ground where you belonged and I keep on bouncing for there’s no gravity out anywhere else to hold on.

Beautiful illustration by @broken_isnt_bad


Do you remember?

Do you remember the way I always craved for your hugs and I would squeeze you in my arms to never let go. You never knew why. Because darling whenever I let you go I felt a vital part of me has been gone. I had this feeling of being scared to lose you. That one day I might lose you. I won’t be able to see you again. To hear you. To watch you laugh, cry and smile with those twinkling eyes. The way you teased me with numerous funny names. All those stories you described to me. Everything. About you and me. About us. I saw that fading away. Slowly, little by little. And I couldn’t do anything. Just watch you disappear. Was i wrong? Tell me? Because now I can’t see you close anywhere. Are you there. Because I’m still here. Let me hug you this time to never leave.

Does it make a difference

And there was a time when I saw that my absence wasn’t something that would bother you or make you feel something was missing and that something was me. I knew my presence wouldn’t have made a difference anyway. I kept drifting myself away and you seem to never care. So when I left there was nothing to hold on to and you didn’t even made a possible move to make me stay.